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cocktail salt and sugars



Tired of the same salty rim?

Most cocktail rimmers are made with just salt, or plain sugar. Step up your cocktail game AND enhance your drink by using a beverage Rimmer that brings out the flavors of your favorite cocktail.

With Derby Mule Rimmers you can be the star of the bar, the hostess with the most, or the giver of the perfect gift. Put a spin on you cocktails, because nobody deserves a boring drink!

Melanie, GA

“Absolutely awesome for cocktails. Brings it to another level!!!!"

Add flavor and flair with Rimmers
click on each rimmer to find the perfect recipe to pair with your rimmer

Why use a beverage rimmer?

Enhances Flavor

When the rim of a glass is coated with a rimmer that compliments the drink, it in turn enhances the drinks flavor. For example the salt based rimmer on a margarita balances the tartness of the lime and the sweetness of the triple sec

Improves Texture

The texture of the rimmed glass can add a pleasant contrast to the drink, offering a unique mouthfeel with every sip.


Aesthetic Appeal

A well rimmed glass adds to the visual appeal of the drink, making it look more attractive and enticing.

Thematic Element

Certain drinks traditionally Calle for a rimmed glass, such as a Bloody Mary or a Margarita. By adding a rimmer it adds to the authenticity of a cocktail. In turn, a rimmer can also add a unique twist on a traditional drink, allowing creativity.


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