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Spicy and Salty with a bit of heat perfectly sums up Derby Mule's Chili Lime Salt. This versatile beverage Rimmer is perfect on a variety of cocktails - from a breakfast Bloody Mary to a Hot in Rio. Made with freshly dehydrated lime zest and Mexican chili powder, it will put a delicious zing to your drink.

Derby Mule's artisan beverage rimmers are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Each jar will rim 20+ beverages. Once opened, store the remaining salt in a cool dry place.

Chili Lime is great rim for your Bloody Mary, Spicy Margarita or even a Ranch Water. Rim your glass or bottle by swirling a lime wedge around the top of your glass or bottle, then spin the rim in a bowl or plate of your Chili Lime Infused Salt. Then add your beverage of choice and enjoy.

WS "Chili Lime" Lime Infused Salt Beverage Rimmer

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