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About Us

It all started with a rusty old horse trailer.

With a love (and a knack) for tailgating, Bryan and Sanna started Derby Mule in June of 2021 - just a few months after Sanna's surgery from Thyroid Cancer. Starting with a conversion of a rusty, red horse trailer - Bryan and Sanna spent months converting it into a mobile bar - with rustic wood details, complete with sinks, beer taps and more. Bar service was officially opened. Bryan, Sanna and their team launched into bartending for a variety of events; weddings, bridal showers and non-profit fundraisers - but who knew that running a mobile bar would ultimately turn into something completely different.

Creating beautiful, and delicious one of a kind cocktails for events unleashed their creativity, and this is where Derby Mule Rimmers was born. 


Our Story

We are Bryan and Sanna, founders and creators of Derby Mule. We met on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Georgia, where they both taught whitewater kayaking in their spare time. We have both loved entertaining, cooking and cocktails - and over the years have hosted countless tailgate parties, roasted pigs and alligators and now building our dream of Derby together.

Georgia born and raised, Bryan is a Pharmacist and graduate of University of Georgia, and is the self proclaimed "show pony" of Derby. You can usually find him hosting sampling events, at markets and in the bourbon section of any liquor store.

Sanna is our west coast gal, born and raised in the organic culture of California, and a graduate of Psychology from the University of California, Chico. With a strong belief in fresh, real ingredients and a passion for good food and drinks - you can find her in the kitchen - always creating something new (or awaiting her wine shipments from her favorite winery in California)

As a team, best friends, and committed to each other - Bryan and Sanna share a passion for travel and adventure, a love for amazing cocktails and history (we will always find a cool bar while traveling) and a dedication to health and fitness. 

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